I'm Good, On Paper

Release Date: 28/05/2021

No. of Tracks: 3 

Genre: Deep House

Objective: Revival

bostock im good on paper new ep

"Bostock chooses a truly blissful four to the floor classic house sound on the playful “I’m Good, On Paper”. With the recent loss of Daft Punk to bring the jams, there is a large hole in many hearts for that delightful mixture of rock meets dance. Thankfully Bostock is more than able to fill this need, for the minimal, energetic stance recalls the sweatiness of the club, complete with all the joy that sense of togetherness can bring.


Virtually impossible to resist, their infectious grooves command everybody to simply get on the dance floor. Melodies here are embedded deep, deep within the grooves giving it a dub affect at times. The sheer density of the sound helps to give it a lovely hue, one that has an urbane sensibility behind it...." - Fruit Sonic

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